Dr. Anael Alston

Major Accomplishments as a Superintendent (2015-2018) 

  1. Secured five grants in the last two years totaling $271,320, the equivalent of 3.81% of the district’s 2017/2018 tax levy.
  1. Coordinated an effort to create a comprehensive BOE approved five year district strategic plan with fifty (50) community members, teachers, and administrators.
  1. Created an international student exchange program – international students pay out-of-district tuition while attend school on a District issued F-1 visa. In addition to enhancing the educational environment, the estimated additional revenues are $275,000 in five years or 3.9% of the district’s 2016/2017 tax levy.
  1. Creatively rewrote the administrative contracts to move from 5% contribution to health insurance to 15% contribution at a net earning for district leaders and resulting in better managed health care costs for the District.
  1. Designed and facilitated administrative retreats with the district leadership team and the Board of Education using the licensed material from the John Maxwell Team.
  1. Collaborated with the elementary principal to create an afterschool program to support economically disadvantaged students with computer-based, differentiated support (e-Spark Learning). This initiative was funded through a grant and was at no cost to the taxpayer.

Major Accomplishments as a Principal 2005-2012 (two different middle schools)

  1. Responsible for the implementation of 1 to 1 student/teacher iPad initiative. A $360,000 hardware investment (before staff development costs).
  1. Lead designer and implementer of Common Core Standards across all subject areas in each class: a three-year process.
  1. Collaboratively increased academic rigor by implementing the “Earth Science for All” initiative.
  1. Led the instructional team that raised assessment scores to a competitive status compared to more affluent districts (8th grade ELA scores were raised as high as 28% to 76% passing, and 7th-grade math scores rose as high 39% to 90% passing).
  1. Under my leadership, the school won the prestigious Met-Life NASSP Breakthrough Schools Awards (2011).
  1. Provided training and leadership in the Understanding by Design and Differentiating Instruction staff development initiatives for all teachers.